“The Night of the Fairies” by Marta Moran Bishop – #Mythology&FolkTales, #ScienceFiction&Fantasy, #Fantasy, #FairyTales

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Line Blurb
Astarte, grew up an orphan in the tribe and she had no recollection of ever having known her mother. From childhood, she could hear the silver ringing of the music of the fairies as they twirled in the moonlight below the caves. She saw them dancing, the fireflies glittering in and around them, adding a shimmer of gold in the moonlight.
Why could no one else see them? What made Astarte different than the other children of the tribe? Why did discontent fill her soul at the idea of moving with the tribe and leaving the fairies behind and why did the idea that she would be required to marry into one of the other tribes when she reached her majority scare her so much?
Line review

Leyla Atke
Awesome children’s book!

The Night Of The Fairies by Marta Moran Bishop is an amazing short fiction story. In her book, Marta tells about a little orphan Astarte, who tries to find out who is she and where does she belong.

Astarte is a special one. No one in her tribe could understand her or see what she could see. She is coming of age and soon to be traded to another tribe, to another man. She does not want that, she wants to stay in the same place, with fairies. One night, she witnesses a group of fairies, and watching them, continues thinking about who she is. “Who I am?” “What am I?” – Asks she all the time. She is also surprised by exploring her body, which is beginning to change. Astarte has so many questions! You have to read this short, charming story to find the answers!

I liked the flow of the story and wonderful descriptions by Marta Moran Bishop. I think it is awesome! I would recommend this book to any parent who has a child.

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