NEW COVER: “Loving Marie: A Fairfield Corners Prequel” by L.A. Remenicky – #Romance, #WomensFiction, #ContemporaryFiction

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Line Blurb

Falling in love with his partner’s little sister was never part of the plan.

There was an order to James Marsden’s future: get a job as an Indianapolis cop, work his way up to detective, and then find a nice girl and start a family. He never planned on walking into a diner his first day as a rookie copy and for her to blow his entire timeline to smithereens.

When Marie Griffen’s older brother Steve introduced her to his new trainee, she was instantly drawn to his shy demeanor and blushing face. Only, she couldn’t act on her feelings even if she wanted to. Steve wanted her to date someone with a normal job – that wasn’t his partner. Marie just wanted to live her own life without her older brother watching over her.

Marie and James must decide if this off-limits romance is worth the risk or if the consequences are too much for either of them to bear.


Line review

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5 Sweet Stars for Loving Marie

If there is anything remotely negative to say about this one it would be that it is too short. I have loved James and Marie in all the Fairfield Corners books, and adore this tease of how they met. In other words, I want more! 😉

This is fantastic through and through. If you are not familiar with the rest of the series, this can definitely stand alone and can also stand as a great introduction to the series. It’s a quick read, but sweet. It sets the tone for the future of the series, though this one is set in Indianapolis rather than the quaint Fairfield Corners.

This is a clean, sweet read and highly recommended.


Loving Marie A Fairfield Corners Prequel

“Loving Marie: A Fairfield Corners Prequel”
by L.A. Remenicky
Can be found at:

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