NEW COVER: “The Wicked Awakened” by Samantha Jacobey – #Erotica, #Mystery, #Mystery, #Thrillers

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Morcant and Blake Korrigan own a little shop of horrors, where witches congregate and people ending up dead isn’t rare. When Karen Hiltzman joins their coven, she has no idea what she’s getting into. Drawn in, the group convinces her to recruit her best friend, Sarah Matthews, after discovering that she bears a very special birthmark; one that indicates she’s the girl they’ve been waiting for.
Eager to reincarnate a witch put to death by an angry mob five hundred years prior, Morcant unleashes a spell; a dark and sinister curse. His ritual transforms Sarah’s body and will bring the dreaded Brenna back to life when it’s completed. Blake wants to stop him; but will he be strong enough to defeat his elder sibling, and if he does… will he be able to let her go when it’s done?
MA – 18+V – violenceS – sexual contentL – coarse language
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Viv Drewa
Do you believe in magic?

Jacobey’s book, The Wicked Awakened, grabs from the very beginning.
Two friends, Sarah and Karen, go to a bazaar and find a necklace which, when Sarah holds it, feels an electric current go through her. Karen buys it for Sarah for her birthday, and the man selling the item tells her it has magic in it. However, even though Sarah was into the goth look when she was in high school, doesn’t believe in it anymore; unlike her friend Karen.
Slowly Karen brings Sarah back to believing and that is all I can tell you. You need to read what happens to Sarah; I do not want to ruin it for you.
I highly recommend The Wicked Awakened even if you do not believe in magic!

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Sam the wicked awakened

“The Wicked Awakened”
by Samantha Jacobey
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