“Letters to Eula” by Michael Bussa – #Literature&Fiction, #GenreFiction, #Horror, #Ghosts, #Occult

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Line Blurb
Sesame, an old woman in frail health, is trapped in the attic with no explanation. A woman and her two small girls live on the first floor, none of whom pay the old woman any mind. Though she tries calling out, banging on walls, and stomping on the floor, her cries for help go ignored.

Sesame spends her days writing letters about the strange happenings, to her sister, Eula, who left home decades ago. It becomes certain to everyone living in the house that there is a ghostly presence, firmly rooted among them; disturbing the peace and creating fears beyond reason. The house surely is haunted. Only the ending reveals by whom.

Line review
Michael P. McParland

Hauntingly Good

I really enjoyed this story of Sesame writing letters to her sister Eula as she tells her about her failing health and about the strange happenings with the new tenants downstairs. I knew where things were headed with Sesame a while before we got there but the big twist at the ending I could never have seen. I’ve truly enjoyed all of Michael Bussa’s work, and this is no different. Awesome as ever.

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“Letters to Eula”
(A Ghost Story)
by Michael Bussa
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