“A Poet’s Journey” (Emotions) by Marta Moran Bishop – #Literature&Fiction, #Poetry, #Themes&Styles, #Inspirational&Religious

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A Poet’s Journey: Emotions: is Ms. Bishop’s first book of adult poetry. In its pages, you will find the good, bad, and beautiful of being human. It is divided into six categories, Love, Death, Betrayal, Nature, Villain or Hero, and Silly Me.

The verses include a glimpse into the heart and soul of one woman, who lived through a year, full of a roller-coaster of emotions, yet she retained her ability to see the silly side to things and beauty in the world around her.

If you like poetry, this is the book for you if you have grown up thinking poetry is difficult to understand, pick this book up for, within it, one can find something that will resonate with you.

This unique collection brings together works as diverse and influential as The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, the poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Maya Angelou, and Robert Frost. It is a must-have addition to any library.

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Dellani Oakes
A Poet’s Journey: Emotions – A Voyage of Love and Hope

A Poet’s Journey: Emotions by Marta Moran Bishop is a wonderful, emotional journey through the poet’s life. Each poem beautifully portrays a series of emotions, bringing the words alive. More than one poem will appeal and speak to each reader, resonating deep in the soul. Lovingly crafted by Moran Bishop, the poems reveal bits and pieces of her life.

Below, I have listed & discussed a few of my favorites:

My Dearest Edgar and Dear Edgar – haunting poems full of deep longing for a kindred spirit. It’s obvious that the poet’s author can’t have the one person she wants above all others.
Betrayal – full of sorrow and emotional pain. At one time or another, each of us has felt this sort of emotional burden.
Enough – Builds on ‘Betrayal,’ showing the poet’s resignation to a situation and deciding she’s had enough.
Tribute to My Mother – This is a beautiful, loving tribute to a wonderful lady. Though it was written specifically for the poet’s mother, the love and warmth expressed could be for every mother.
Death, I Am Not Afraid – is a unique look at death and dying. There is no apprehension on the part of the poet, only a defiance. In this poem, she speaks to Death, accepting the inevitable, but vowing to live her life to the fullest.
Walk on the Rainbow – Weaves lovely imagery, leaving the reader uplifted.
Puddles – a fun, joyful look at what most consider a nuisance. It takes the reader back to the days when we were children and purposely jumped in every puddle.
Craigworth Dimpleton – is a tribute to a beloved family pet. It brings a smile to the reader’s face.
Hitchhiker – Although it’s about a mouse, it reminds me of a trip I took with a tree frog plastered to my windshield. It’s a charming, uplifting poem.
Bit of a Bookworm – I really identified with this poem. It is so me!

A Poet’s Journey will delight the reader making them alternately happy, nostalgic or sad. It is an amazing and intricate voyage through life and love in all its aspects.

I highly recommend A Poet’s Journey for anyone who loves poetry and even those who claim not to understand it. The language is clear, the emotions easy to comprehend. It’s a wonderful book to read and share with a friend.

Five Golden Acorns


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