FREE for a limited time: “Falling” (The Negative Ion Series) by Ryanne Anthony – # Literature& Fiction, #ContemporaryFiction, #Romance

Ryanne falling with excerpt

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Kimber wanted to be a lawyer almost as much as she wanted Roland Sampson, her older brother’s best friend. After pining for him for two years, Kimber finally accepts that to Roland, she will always be “his best friend’s kid sister,” and nothing more.
During her first year of college, Kimber meets Samantha and her twin, ultimate bad-boy Jaxen Malloy, drummer for Negative Ion. Tatted. Muscled. Beyond gorgeous. Soon Kimber finds herself forgetting Roland and thinking only of Jaxen, much to Samantha’s disappointment. Like Kimber’s brother, Samantha wants Kimber as far away from Jaxen, female enemy number one, as possible since she knew all Jaxen would do is viciously hurt her. Not this time, Kimber insisted. Well-schooled on Jaxen’s reputation, Kimber decides to take what she can get, and ignore all the warnings to stay away from the handsome bad-boy.
Will Jaxen ever think of Kimber as something other than his “annoying” sister’s friend or was he falling for her, too? Kimber hoped so and, to find out, she was willing to take the risk of Jaxen breaking her heart… and soul.

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Could not put down!!
By M. Thompson (Chelle)

WOW!! I am in complete shock! I was not expecting that ending at all. That completely threw me for a loop. Okay, I have to say I absolutely loved this book and instantly fell in love with the characters. From the first page to the last, I was so wrapped up in the story I literally read the whole book in one sitting while at work only stopping to when I actually had to work. As soon as I finished whatever I had to do, I was right back in the story. Ryanne Anthony writes an amazing story that just sucks you in and just when you think you know what is going to happen, think again, she throws a twist at you. Definitely, an amazing read and I cannot wait until I can read the next one.


Ryanne FALLING Book One of the Negative Ion Series

(The Negative Ion Series)
by Ryanne Anthony
Is FREE at:

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