“Price of Now” by Michael Bussa – #Literature&Fiction, #Horror, #ShortStories

Michael price of now 5-14-18
Line Blurb
A short story, set in the small, fictional town of Now, Indiana, circa 1940. A man, Troy, returns to his hometown after ten years, when he is diagnosed with cancer in his prime.

Distraught, Troy visits a local antique store on Halloween night, hoping to find something to comfort him in his last weeks. He stumbles across a painting so compelling, he must have it, at all cost — he must have it…now!

Soon, Troy learns there is something more to the painting than he bargained for. Something diabolical.

5-star review
By High Flyin’
The story has all the elements of a good scary story. The author has a way of leading you to believe that you can predict the ending, then – BAM – he throws you for a loop at the ending! This chilling tale is frightening. It reminded me of an old Chicago tv show called Creature Features.
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“Price of Now”
by Michael Bussa
Can be found at:

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