5-Star Review – “5 glowing stars from me!”– “Blood Phase” (Book 2 of the G.O.D.’s Series) by Kirsten Campbell

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5-star review
5 glowing stars from me!
By Lo
Having eagerly read Blood Master, I simply had to read this story too, especially knowing how imaginative and emotional this author’s creative mind was likely to be. Her stories ooze with great insight into the dynamics between characters while her imagination is just on full throttle, adding so much essence to the plot.
The story is like a layered cake, with Griffin and Tassta’s romance simply added as a delicious icing on the top for me…my goodness, I swooned. But, the romantic part did not distract me from the suspenseful segments of the story.
Just like in the Blood Master, the characters in Blood Phase are well-established and easily refreshed my recall of them so clearly in my head. Almost as if I was in the story, I got so caught up in it, and I was compelled by my urges to read the story until I finished it, with the sun slowly peeking over the horizon in the morning.
I can’t wait to read the next sequel!!! I hope they make a movie of this story…Imagine watching it in 3D! *swoons*
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Kirsten Blood Phase

“Blood Phase”
(Book 2 of theG.O.D.’s Series)
by Kirsten Campbell
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