“The series only gets better” – “Bound” (A New Life Book 2) by Samantha Jacobey

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5-star review

The series only gets better
By Catarina
Bound is the second book in the “A New Life Series” by Samantha Jacobey.

Tori has been sent to LA to spend six months in a halfway house and to learn to live a normal life. Throughout this book, she recalls her life with the dragon and struggles to be with people.

You really feel for her as Tori try’s to fit into a normal life, and through her mentors gain skills we take for granted

She still doesn’t want to get close to people for she fears they will get hurt because of her.

Ghost from Tori’s past comes back to haunt her, and her fears for being found have come true. So what can she do? The only thing she can do is run…

Though Bound is not as dark and heart wrenching as book 1, you are still captivated by Tori’s story and eagerly read on to see where it will all lead to.

Samantha Jacobey has been a mastermind to write this story, has managed to captivate interest throughout.

This is definitely a 5-star book, and I look forward to reading the rest of the “A New Life” series.

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Sam bound

(A New Life Book 2)
by Samantha Jacobey
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