“Threw me for a loop!” – “Daytona Dead” (Laura & Gerry Mystery #3) by Karen Vaughan

Karen daytona dead
5-star review

C. Giguere
Threw me for a loop!

Laura and Gerry are on their honeymoon in Florida when they run into Laura’s ex, literally! He’s found dead in the road and they are immediately suspected of murdering him. However, they are miraculously let go after a series of events lead the police to a dead end. Not one to give up, Laura decides to do her ex justice by finding his killer. Though her new husband Gerry, has reservations, Laura is on a mission, one that puts them all in danger.

Daytona Dead has it all, crooked cops, NASCAR, and murder. I read this book in less than two days and enjoyed it all the way, the pacing was nice and author Karen Vaughan has readers guessing up until the hilarious and very dramatic ending. If you like a murder mystery with humor and unusual suspects, this is your book!

line 1

3 Karen daytona dead“Daytona Dead”
(Laura & Gerry Mystery #3)
by Karen Vaughan
Can  be found at:

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