“I adored this book!” – The Truth Inside (New Beginnings Book 1) By Trish Edmisten

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5-star reviewOlga
I adored this book!
I loved Nate!! This book was so good. I couldn’t put it down. If only I didn’t have a one-year-old desperately crying for attention!! Where to start on this book? I had never read a book dealing with this topic. And to be honest, I knew going in more or less what the big reveal was gonna be, but it still came as a surprise. I thank Trish for that because she’s amazing.
Nate made me feel so many emotions. It was weird because even though I’m not going through his journey, his insecurities were so real. I felt them. And it made me remember insecurities I had. But also feel lucky I didn’t have to struggle as much as he did. Then I was furious Nate had to struggle. And he was so much stronger for that. I felt sad and angry thinking about Nate growing up. And how hard it must’ve been for him.
But I gotta say, Natalie was just… PERFECT. I love books like this. I already feel the sadness and depression imagining how things must’ve been, and I have a wild imagination. Natalie, the protagonist, made the story perfect. Because you just want everything to not just work out, but for it to be worth the sad moments you’re put through. And the payoff was definitely good. I was left extremely satisfied and in love with Nate, and then Nate and Natalie.
I also really liked the balance in the story. We get Nate and his story, pieces of his journey and his thoughts, we get to see his life, and then we also get the romance. And I loved that one didn’t overpower the other and I was able to enjoy everything. Since it was a different type of story for me, I’m glad I had questions answered.
I definitely recommend this read. It is just so good. It’s different, it’s fresh, it’s emotional, and it made me feel good.

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“The Truth Inside”
(New Beginnings Book 1)
By Trish Edmisten

Can be found at:

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