“An Amazing story of survival, not for the squeamish.” – “Captive” (A New Life Book 1) by Samantha Jacobey

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5-star review
An Amazing story of survival, not for the squeamish.
By Nicole-reads2love
When I first heard about the series, I gave consideration to what “Life of Recovery” or “A New Life” could mean… drug addiction, alcoholism, sex addiction, etc. But I was wrong, and I’m glad I went on to read this book. This is an amazing story of survival about a girl raised by a motorcycle gang that takes on dangerous jobs to make money. They raise Tori and groom her to take her “place” on the road with the men, but her place is not where she wants to be because as soon as she comes of age, the guys begin using her for their own pleasure. It is disgusting what they do to her. Tori’s account of what she went through at the hand of the Dragons is brutal and vivid. You can easily visualize her torture and feel how she dealt with the pain. Once you start reading, it’s impossible to put down. You really find yourself rooting for Tori to get through, even though they make her do some truly heinous jobs. When she decides to strike back, you completely understand why she did the things she did. Tori never seems to want people to feel sorry for her, despite what she was subjected to. As she recounts her story to a friendly FBI agent, you realize she did what she had to do to survive. You might feel some sympathy for her, but mostly, you’ll see her strength, despite her naivety with basic social interaction. This book is not for the faint-of-heart. The vivid imagery will leave you squeamish, but unable to stop reading.
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Sam Captive

(A New Life Novel, Book 1) 
by Samantha Jacobey
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