Dakota Livingston escapes a bad marriage and finds love in the tropics! FINDING YOU BY AMANDA MACKEY!


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Life WAS hard for Dakota Livingston. Right after she says her marriage vows, things take an awful turn towards a dark tunnel that she can see no light. Her husband turned into a monster…He abused her so bad. I love dark books and the dark side of this story has me turning the pages! When her husband is finally made accountable for his crimes, Dakota’s loving parent reward her with a trip to rejuvenate her life.

After surviving a brutal attack, Dakota is scared, she feels alone and desperate to go back to her old self.

While on her American vacation she gets to meet some interesting folks. They all embrace her in a way that she feels immediate love but doesn’t connect because she has been with a monster. So Dakota when Dakota meets people who are filming a movie, she comes across Kyle Rutherford. Kyle…

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