51kmh4wgybL.jpgFormer Green Beret turned FBI Tactical Commander Joshua Wheeler is a Man Eater trained as a killing machine for those jobs the government doesn’t acknowledge. Wheeler brings something different into our new EROP office and everyone notices but him. 
Following orders is all he knows. He doesn’t need opinions muddying up the waters. His new job and family are more than he’d hoped for and after a year of acclimation, he’s ready to find his woman. Another job that he plans on succeeding at. 
Kimberly is in trouble. She just doesn’t know it. If it’s not terrorists, the CIA or FBI, it’s Wheeler. A lying ex made her life a whining country song. She’s playing it straight and hoping for the best. 
Bombs, overseas Ops and new players are added to our growing cast. Come see how the golden girls are growing too. The FBI’s Enhanced Resident Office of Providence…

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