“A book to remember.” – “Troianne” (Time Travel Society Series Book 1) by Crystal Miles Gauthier

Crystal troianne blurb 3-5-18.jpg #Historical, #Paranormal, #Shifter, #Romance, #Adventure, #Witch’s
5-star reviewA book to remember.
By Melanie Corona
Crystal, all I can say is, well done. I have had the pleasure of following Crystals author journey for quite a while now and waited with anticipation for this book to be released. I am not one to write spoilers so I will say this. Troianne had me turning page after page from the moment I picked it up. I like Crystals style of writing and the way she developed her characters. I don’t like a romance where the love story takes the whole book to come to fruition. So I was happy with the timing of it all.
Crystals take on time travel is a welcome change from a lot of books out right now. The different levels, or shall I say, types of time travelers she brings to life adds an interesting depth, and I am glad this is the first book of many, so that we can all learn more about the society and how it works. I will definitely be continuing to follow this author.
Wonderful debut book, a fun fast paste read, with all the things I love about a romance and time travel in one.

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(Time Travel Society
Series, Book 1)

by Crystal Miles Gauthier
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