“Beautiful and elegant designs.” – “Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book” by J.S. Burke

JS snowflakes 2-26-18.jpg#IARTG THE DRAGON DREAMER by J.S. Burke, #YA #Sci #Fantasy

5-star reviewBarbara Chioffi
Beautiful and elegant designs.J. S. Burke’s Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book is a delight. Each snowflake, accompanied by quotes from her Dragon Dreamer series, is beautiful and elegant. There are also ornaments to color and cut out as well as directions for creating your own snowflakes. Thank you, Ms. Burke, for this outstanding book of designs. 🙂

About the author

J. S. Burke is the creator of the award-winning Dragon Dreamer series. This Science Fantasy Adventure has flying dragons and an undersea world. Burke has worked as an author, artist, and marine biologist, studying creatures of the dark abyss and diving on coral reefs. Her stories blend imagination with real science and author experiences.

The Dragon Dreamer series grew from her years at sea, a fascination with the alien, intelligent octopuses, and a love of dragons. The deadly sea storm that threatens Arak, a young dragon, is one that the author survived. “The Dragon Dreamer” and “Dragon Lightning” are layered for readers age 9 to 99.

“Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book” has hand-drawn snowflake mandalas with original nature-themed patterns, inspired by the Dragon Dreamer series. Many of these snowflakes serve as illustrations in the novels. Burke loves chocolate and so do her dragons! She lives in Georgia with her family and rescue pets.line 2JS snowflakes.jpg

“Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book”
by J.S. Burke
Can be found at:


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