“Fantastic twist on Cinderella” – “Charming: A Crown and Dagger Book One” (The Never Lands Saga 1) by Andi Lawrencovna

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Absolutely love this book!! This time around Ella in an elf specially trained as an assassin. Darkness forbids anyone ever mistakes this lady as a fragile flower.
Fantastic twist on Cinderella
By K.M.M.88
This is not the Cinderella Disney told us about. You have a charming (ha) prince, whose primary concern is the future of his people. You have a beautiful, mysterious girl whose primary concern is to assassinate the prince. There are no distressed damsels in Charming, only kickass lady assassins, complicated political drama, and a prince who wants what’s best for his people and the future of his kingdom. Charming is a wonderful beginning to the (very) complicated love story of Eli and Kit, with a fantastic world and engaging characters. Highly recommend!

Once upon a time, or so the story goes, there was a prince who threw a ball to find a wife.
He was a young prince, by his peoples’ standards, and though he had no wish for a bride, he was honor bound to make the attempt to find one. Of course, Prince Kit knew that it was not just honor that bound him to the duty. Prophesied or cursed, who could say, but since he was a babe assassins and soldiers had come for him in the dead of night, in the middle of court, amidst the steps of a waltz, to end his life and with it end the lives of his people, the land he was meant to rule. A heavy burden for a young man to bear, worse for a prince kept cloistered for his own good.
But a wife, well, a wife would provide an heir, and perhaps prevent his peoples’ doom if he died too young, and so he danced with the maiden after maiden, ball after ball, until he danced with her.
She came from out of the Darkness, a vision in a black dress and glass slippers, to join the throng for the prince’s celebration. The first night she hid a small vial filled with arsenic in the folds of her gown, but it was knocked from her hand before she could upend it into his glass of champagne. The second night she brought a stiletto hilted in her garter that she never thought to draw and returned to her bags unblooded. The third night Eli ran from him, found her horse and fled back to the forest she came from, desperate to escape his charming smile and the emotion she refused to acknowledge in his gaze that turned in her heart too.
He gave chase, and what is an assassin meant to do when her prey hunts her down?
One waltz at a ball. One trip of a slipper. One Prince. And one Assassin.

Charming…simply, Charming.

Andi Charming A Crown and Dagger Book One The Never Lands Saga 1

“Charming: A Crown and
Dagger, Book One”

(The Never Lands Saga 1)
by Andi Lawrencovna
Can be found at:


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