“Everything a sequel should be” – “Dragon Lightning” (Dragon Dreamer, Book 2) by J.S. Burke

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Dragon Lightning is a stand-alone book and the second in The Dragon Dreamer series. It’s a fast-paced adventure with flying dragons, an undersea world, and unlikely friendships. This science fantasy is layered for readers age 9 to adult.
Drakor seems like a normal young ice dragon with a talent for making lightning swords. But he alone feels the changing heart of his island Volcano. It destroyed his beloved sire. Now he foresees their doom, but none will listen. As he seeks proof, the Volcano shakes him off into the frozen sea . . .
Arak was mocked as a worthless dreamer until he and Scree, a fearless undersea misfit, saved the dragons. Now dragons and octopi sail north in search of mythical ice dragons. They find Drakor and terrifying reality. When Scree enters the abyss to check his volcano, she discovers everyone is in peril. Can this crew of unlikely friends save three realms?

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5-star reviewEverything a sequel should be
By Joshua Blum
“Dragon Lightning” is everything a sequel should be – a story that draws from the world previously created and deepens it while adding more to the characters we’ve grown accustomed to in the first volume. In that novel, Arak, the dragon whose dreams formed the basis for the title of the first book and its plot, is now a proper adult, with a family of his own and more responsibility in his clan. While the first book was really his story, this volume is really about Drakor, a wounded ice dragon that Arak and his dragon and octopus companions discover during their travels. He is questing for a new home for his clan after having a vision of a volcano eruption that would destroy their land. After learning about the way of life Arak and his clan have adopted, Drakor learns about new techniques to not only enrich their lives but to challenge the stubborn leader of his clan who refuses to acknowledge the impending eruption and the danger it might pose.
There is much within the pages of this fantasy story on diplomacy and open mindedness in the face of new customs that is always worth discussing no matter the age. I also especially enjoyed the glossary of (both real and fantastical) terms, the author’s note at the end, and the author’s illustrations, which begin each chapter. While I think this would be an ideal book for an elementary school teacher teaching multiple subjects (e.g. biology, social studies, reading, and history) and looking for a book to tie together themes from multiple subjects, it can be equally enjoyed by adults – I was one of them!

JS Dragon Lightning

“Dragon Lightning”
(Dragon Dreamer, Book 2)
by J.S. Burke
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