“To love, respect” – “Call me, Grandpa” by Jerry Pociask

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To love, respect

By Bettie Mavity

Call Me Grandpa is a loving and spiritual aspects of being a grandpa. Taking a walk in the snow with his dog, Casey, Grandpa has a conservation with an unseen voice, a Godly voice. As they talk, Grandpa begins to remember his own life and the hard lessons he has learned. To love, respect, honorable attitude, and honest. Through his talk with the Godly voice, Grandpa recalled his own lessons learned. He knows that his grandson needs to learn the same lessons. Grandpa will be there for him m just as God is always there for us, to support and guide if we only listen with a loving heart. Call Me Grandpa is a book everyone should read, it is full of spiritual love and teachings of life and growing into an honorable, honest and respectful adult. The illustrations in the book are wonderful and give an added emphasis on the story. I love this book, I love it so much, I bought a few copy’ to give to my children who are new parents. One I gave to my teen grandchild. I think it is a great way of teaching the younger generation of the values that should be respected and followed. Great book indeed. I read it again today also. I love the pictures, they are awesome.

Click here to go to the book trailer for “Call me, Grandpa”

“Call me, Grandpa”
by Jerry Pociask
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