“The most amazing book I have ever read!” – “Blood Master” (Book 1 of the G.O.D.S Series) by Kirsten Campbell

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5-star reviewBy Sharath C Babu
The most amazing book I have ever read!
It’s a perfect book looking into future, I was thrilled to bits when I read about Griffin transforming into G.O.D.
Though Lerin seems to be far more advanced in technical and telepathically he seems to be more humble and wants Griffin to be the savior.
Most probably he wants the way it has been prophesied.
The curiosity of mine has increased and can’t wait for the next one to find out what really happens as Griffin had a vision about Dean becoming an instrumental in final destruction. In chapter 21 he did see the vision, but still, Griffin did depend on Dean and to divulge all his feelings and ongoing transformation within himself. I am curious to know what Griffin’s plan of action is. Can’t wait…
Of all the personality Tassta takes ranks the best. It’s my feeling that she is the ultimate female for the mankind with all the womanly virtues and still totally independent. Her greatest sacrifice is when she decided that she is ready to go along with whatever the future holds for her with Griffin even after knowing all his drawbacks when he divulges all his problems, but she decides that she will help him all the way. That’s the real love of a woman.
I admire Penn’s love for his sister and ready to risk everything for her. And his devoted friendship to Griffin.
All in all, I can’t wait to see how all this will take shape in building the future.
My congrats to the author who has the vision of Lerin, the power of Griffin, unfathomable love of Tassta, Curiosity, and adventure of Penn.
Looking forward to the next one to come.
Kirsten Blood Master

“Blood Master”
(Book 1 of the
G.O.D.S Series)

by Kirsten Campbell
Can be found at:


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