“Adoring and magnificent story!” – “Grandma, Me and Tree” by Jerry Pociask

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5-star review

Adoring and magnificent story!

Call me Grandma is one that will definitely touch your heart. If you are a grandmother, have a grandmother or even haven’t yet become one, this will touch your heart. Now, I am a big fan of Pociask, as he is one remarkable storyteller. I’ve read all of his published work and look forward any more stories that will come from his brilliant mind. He writes with his heart and it shows in his stories. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and I think as I read the paperback gift from the author, that it in my hand, turning actual pages, reading and rereading the lines and gazing at the images painted on the pages, I enjoyed it all the more. It’s one of those highly recommended books, and he is one highly recommended author.

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Jerry Grandma me and tree

“Grandma, Me and Tree”
by Jerry Pociask
Illustrated by Marsha Grill
Can be found at:


Apple iBooks

Balboa Press

Barnes & Noble


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